White Chocolate Key Lime Pie



Guest Post : Barbara from Just a Smidgen featuring Cardamom Orange Zest Cookies with Pansy Topping


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It’s that time of the year again where we feature exceptional bloggers here at Ang Sarap, so every Fridays in the months of June, July and August you will get to know them as they will be sharing something about themselves and featuring some of their special recipes. These are exceptional bloggers so visit and follow their blogs, you would not be disappointed.

During the past days we had featured an outstanding videographer, a bunny lover, a fine bakerand a fellow Filipino and now we will be featuring an excellent poet, Barbara the blogger behind “Just a Smidgen“. If you love art, poetry, interior decoration and food then “Just a Smidgen” would be one of the best sites for you out there. She features really nice recipes from mains to sides but one thing that stands out are her cakes, cookies, breads and anything…

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Roast Pumpkin, Spinach + Ricotta Cannelloni with Cauliflower Sauce

Finger, Fork & Knife

Pasta based dishes are great when you’re cooking for a hungry crowd. Quick, filling, inexpensive, and the perfect black canvas to build on, lasagne sheets can be rolled, filled, and baked to create stuffed-tubes of pure deliciousness.

Since it is winter here in Australia, I gave this traditional Italian dish a seasonal twist and filled the wholemeal cannelloni with vibrant butternut pumpkin.

Sweet, nutty, and rich, the pumpkin is lifted by the addition of ricotta, lemon, spinach, and plenty of fresh parsley. I also avoided fussing about with a true béchamel sauce and made a simple cauliflower sauce to top the pasta with.

Once filled and rolled, the cannelloni tubes are placed snugly on a bed of tomato sauce and baked in the oven until crispy and golden on top, and soft and moist at the bottom. Buon appetito!

Big thank you to Kitchenware Superstore Australia for providing the gorgeous…

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at the county fair: funnel cake


daisy's world

At the County Fair: Funnel Cakes

For many Americans, going to the state or county fair is as much a summer tradition as baseball and fireworks on the Fourth of July. Despite the searing heat and sweaty crowds, we flock to the fair to enjoy the carnival games, rides, attractions, and, of course, the food. For me, the food is only one reason to go. Shocking, right? I can skip the games (I’m way too old for stuffed animals), the rides (I never understood the appeal of spinning really fast while suspended in mid-air), and the animals (too smelly, too hot, and ewww, too smelly). I just can’t skip the corn dogs, grilled corn, and, of course, the funnel cake!

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From the kitchen: Peach Thyme Tartlettes

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Ironically, summer is my favorite baking season of the year. Yes, it jumps the heat in my kitchen about a million degrees, but nothing beats summers’ sweet, tart, and juicy variety of fruits. Peaches are maybe my favorite of all summer fruits to bake with. They’re perfectly sweet and tart and so colorful. They also lend themselves well to savory combinations – bacon wrapped and grilled, with a light smear of goat cheese and this delicious thyme infused variation. Fresh thyme offers a mild herby note in every bite that blends harmoniously with the sweetness of the peach and buttery crust. These individual rustic tarts are the perfect serving of summer and pair so well with cream (both the ice and whipped variety). Enjoy! -xo

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Life With Pets Isn’t Always A Pretty Picture

Marking Our Territory

When I’m out with Eko I take a lot of photos.  Nothing beats looking through my camera and finding a really great shot, but more often than not I will look at a photo, laugh and think to myself, “Well, that photo is never going up on the blog.” As much as I like posting majestic photos of Eko, life isn’t always a pretty picture so I thought it would only be fair to post some of our lesser efforts and laugh.



Sometimes Eko is too tired for photos

Not his best lookAnd sometimes Eko is so tired he sleeps with his head against a wall

Face for radio

And not all photos from the beach are gems – Eko looks like a little like a demon in this photo…

Demon Eko

and a LOT like a demon in this graveyard photo

Mouth full of water

This is Eko’s face when he realizes that a drink of water has gone down…

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