Life With Pets Isn’t Always A Pretty Picture

Marking Our Territory

When I’m out with Eko I take a lot of photos.  Nothing beats looking through my camera and finding a really great shot, but more often than not I will look at a photo, laugh and think to myself, “Well, that photo is never going up on the blog.” As much as I like posting majestic photos of Eko, life isn’t always a pretty picture so I thought it would only be fair to post some of our lesser efforts and laugh.



Sometimes Eko is too tired for photos

Not his best lookAnd sometimes Eko is so tired he sleeps with his head against a wall

Face for radio

And not all photos from the beach are gems – Eko looks like a little like a demon in this photo…

Demon Eko

and a LOT like a demon in this graveyard photo

Mouth full of water

This is Eko’s face when he realizes that a drink of water has gone down…

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